Accounting and Payroll services


The Accounting function is an essential element in controlling your business. Accurate and sound accounting records are crucial to the success of an entity and the basis for correct financial reporting and decision-making. Our accounting services are designed to help clients meet both their reporting obligation and their business objectives. You can outsource to us the preparation of the accounting records of your company. Our highly skilled staff are using a cloud-based accounting software to maintain and update the accounting records.

Payroll services

Cyprus registered companies have responsibility to meet all necessary legal requirements concerning their employees in Cyprus. We can assist and ensure that you meet all legal requirements about the Payroll function, which can be outsourced to us. With the Payroll outsource, we handle all Payroll requirements relating to the Labour Department and Tax Office in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

In recent years, Payroll Outsourcing has become a popular way of handling payroll functions within the corporate world. Payroll outsourcing has the following advantages:

The service includes payroll preparation on a weekly or a monthly basis in the way it suits the client. Our team uses a fully computerised payroll system, providing simple and effective solutions for your business.

Our Payroll services include among other things the following: